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Blk Elk Cascade Titanium Road Frame

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The heritage of Blk Elk was born out of our Cascade model. A performance road bike that is versatile in it's ability to conquer various riding situations while remaining agile and functional. A bike to take you on long rides through winding country roads and to power you forward in fast club rides .

Quick, nimble, compliant and light. The Cascade titanium bike frame, a bike for life.

44mm Head tube * PF30 * 130mm QR rear axle * 28mm tire clearance * external cable routing * Di2 compatible * replaceable rear drop out * Gr 9 titanium * Copper Headbadge *

How to order:

1. Email US.
2. We'll discuss and confirm your frame sizing and details.
3. Purchase the frame.
4. 6 - 8 week delivery.

We're happy to help and offer any suggestions/recommendations to your questions on geometry.

Free shipping within the Canada. Please contact for international orders.